Friday, October 5, 2012

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Wasted Water 2010  
Barbara Greene Mann
Wasted Water (top image)

Water has many spoilers but the biggest ones are the self-flushing toilets.  They are the robbers, genuine energy guzzlers, miniature water fountains, one per stall, robbing the hands of manual dexterity and initiating muscle imbalance. Miraculously we add to our own demise. Women are seen as weaklings who can't balance on one foot to flush.  Demented elders, who rarely remember and can barely do more than pull up and zip, are reminescent of the Little Train in its final days.  Wasted water, is just a component or an anonmaly fo ethe final stages of a life.

Lucy amd the Etis is Dry (bottom image)

Lucy and her Mom used to live somewhere in the African jungle. When the waterhole dried up, Gladys, Lucy’s Mom decided something had to change.  It was so sad to see Gladys had to cry to get a single drop of water for her baby to drink.  They moved to Calgary where Gladys helped Lucy adjust to gray skies, smaller herds, and strange surroundings. Hard financial times   forced Gladys to move to a cheap nursing home 100 miles away. The cost of sustaining two beasts of this size was beyond guzzling.
Several months ago Lucy became the topic of much debate as Bob Barker reined in this bandwagon and spread the word that Lucy needed companionship, warm weather and sunshine. San Francisco joined in and offered a home at the zoo.   Ironically the Vetrinarian reported the trip’s demands would be the true antipathy of Lucy’s hardship.

Lucy’ received a letter from her Mom:

Dear Lucy
Stop being such a baby you’re beginning to sound like your brother Dumbo.   I’m enclosing a phone card so call some friends or go on Facebook and make new ones, talk to an imaginary elephant, no, no not the pink ones. Aunt Venica Grey will help you. Layer your clothes like we all do and you’ll be in, like Flynn. Included is a brief lecture on painting clouds of gray, as undercoats and then using manganese dioxide on top

Just remember, Lucy
I love you
 I’ll always love you, Mom

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