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  • I will be initiating a Timebank for consumer/survivors in the New Year.

    A timebank is based on an alternative currency - time. Timebanks bring people together and form a clearinghouse of skills and abilities that can be exchanged by the hour. People earn time dollars by contributing an hour of their time to someone and can use them to "purchase" a service. A service could be tutoring, help with tax returns, a walking buddy, a pet sitter, a hair cut, help with housework, a friendly visit. The possibilitie...s are limited to your imagination.

    If you're interested in getting involved and learning more, please join the group. Membership is limited to folks who identify as consumers, survivors, mental patients, mad, crazy, lunatic, etc.

    An information session will be held in the New Year, time and date to be determined.

    if you know of people who may be interested, please share with your friends and networks.

    Many thanks!
    Andrea White
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  • hi Jane and Annette
    I have survived two lung cancer operations and have less than one lung, and any yrs as an artist, which made me a mental health consumer, and at times , not too smart. I applied three years and first i was told i was too old and young people could not relate to me. My paintings are not old fashioned and young artists, people and even dogs can relate to my work. I felt the curator hadn't even opened my submission when I put the year of graduation,then I was told younger artists were emerging. Age does not modify the status of emergence.I'm not a bad sport but last yr after one such letter, I gave up so I'm glad I had a chance to tell you this.
    1. The genetic modification technician and see the 6 bodied cow with one head bottom right and monsters top left from eating this food, and next she will modify the old judge. 2 Al Capone , Babe Ruth and the great Depresson, now we call it Tent city. 3 The tee pee is in honor of Aboriginal Natives who were cheated in earlier times, maybe young people don't remember this but .. Sorry to carry on so . Thanks for letting me share this and not be angry. barb greene mann

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    • Barbara Mann oops sorry Andrea JANE , FORGOT THE ANDREA PART.
    • Joe Sliman I like your works Barb.
    • Lisa Ng Grandma Moses is one of my favourites. She related to young people just fine. People will say all sorts of crazy discouraging things that don't make a whole lot of sense.. . http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grandma_Moses

      Anna Mary Robertson Moses (September 7, 1860 – December 13, 1961), better known ...as "Grandma Moses", was a renowned Americanfolk artist. She is often cited as an example of an individual successfully beginning a career in the arts at an advanced age. Her family and friends called her either "Mother M...See More
    • Elaine Gasco I love all your work, Barbara! Very special. xx
    • Lisa Ng Young people don't remember the cheating of Aboriginal Natives because they don't teach it in the schools that everyone is forced to go to : ( I imagine this makes it easier to cheat Aboriginal Natives further.
    • Annette Smith Some people don't find their medium until later, some don't have what they want to say worked out when they are young, and some have other reasons for starting to create and make at different points in their lives. Any time you start making assumptions about someone's worth, or ability, or validity based on one, lone, characteristic, like age, or perceived ability, you start to reduce the humanity and value that you see in that person, and consequently in all persons.
    • Barbara Mann write on annette, lets shove it in their faces. ,the ones who pretend not to knoow
    • Barbara Mann Sorry don't shove anything , just old artists can be young artists cuz we paint from somewhere else, like it just comes. my muse is 6 .but my wisdom is 1000 and my love of people, planet animals is when I became aware and could share thru my art