Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Hooray. No more cancer today!

NO MORE cancer TODAY!   

Funny, what a simple thing, like u have cancer can screw up your life. And what a non simple thing like u r Cancer Free can do to make you turn somersaults on top of your laptop. (cheaply bought, 200$  is my baby what do I call it? a laptop or note book, a brief memo?) It will be great when I learn how to use it. One day. I can sponsor a contest and u could win but now...
 i'm happy to  just share the news
 cancer free are my new shoes
 flaties or high heels they are the best
 fifth wheels
 need a pair or a spare
 get it off your chest
 if you must confess i'll hold your hand
 what? yes you passed the test 
 culture but its inside
 where its the best common denominator
 get eaten alive
 inside by the demon dragon 
 put the worlds blues to rest
 cuz now its my turn, our turn
 but only one bed in this ampitheatre 
 and the four guys in green 
 looking at me in any language
 no barrier
 communication wipes out the scarier
 especially outside its the hairier
 inside culture  is the carrier
 with fond regards and sweet dreams, you' ve given me a hope chest  

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