Saturday, March 9, 2013

A Doctor's Testimony Celebrates Women

 Innovative Treatment is a Doctor's Creative Way to Celebrate Women 

Acid Reign is Over.

My drawing tells the story of an ingenious blessed  Doctor who gave  abused and disfigured women a way to take back their power, a way to be unafraid to be out in the community and to have their children live lives without fear that they or their moms would be hurt. The Doctor modeled glasses to cover scares and opened eyes that were the result of acid being thrown at these women.  The documentary I saw showed that "Acid Reign",  was a common practice in some Muslim countries and went unpunished.  Until last year there were no laws against this type of crime. I was very happy to to commemorate this blessed Doctor who restored the lives of women and children. Thanks Doc., Acid Reign is Over.
Legislation was passed to protect Women's Rights in countries where previously these acts were overlooked or false testimonies  were presented. The first attacker received two life sentences, which doesn't make sense to me but I'm glad the sentence was severe.  I drew two cells and put a coffin in in case he arises to serve his second sentence, (center right). This was a great victory for women and long overdue.  What blessed creatures we are, Women are to be Celebrated. Of course, I know as I read the Celebration of Women newsletter and  am especially proud and grateful for those who help to change society's views.  I would like to thank Catherine Anne Clark , who pointed out to me that the original title did not illustrate a celebration of women which just goes to show me that I should be aware of the interpretation  and the meanings I want to convey. Thank you for the welling meaning advice and so a new updated version. All comments are appreciated.
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