Sunday, February 3, 2013

Drawings for and about eating disorder month february 2013

 Ice Cream Heals All is a motto I developed at age 12. My Mom took us for ice cream at least once a day.
Then we would go out to the drive in for dinner,Totem Pole in Detroit, Roast Beef sandwich and strawberry pie,or Big Boys with yummy ham and melted Swiss and fries and coke, or Jack in the Box, hamburgers,fries,and a coke ,only 59 cents . My pleats never lied flat. I was a fatso. My Mon said men liked her cuz she little and petite.

 No Cake for Me, she said. I was always on a diet, in between drive- ins. I had to eat ONLY hard boiled eggs and grapefruit, a Hollywood style diet, and she would show me the poppy seed cake, my favorite and cookies from Hagelstein Bakery. These are for your brother, not for YOU. Did I get a resentment? No, not me. I would wake up at night and eat them all. Did my brother get a resentment? I don't know, I should ask him.

I thought my Mom was dying but she was throwing up. She was BULIMIC and I was just fat but then I learned the secret. Now I could have my cake and eat it too.Was this fun, you bet, kind of expensive but...
No not so good, girls, you all are so cute. Just have few slices. Mirrors lie, I'm old and wrinkled with no teeth and thin cuz I have cancer. And pleated skirts are out of style. When I take the bus I see lots of fat girls have boyfriends and really they are not so fat. But over 300 lbs, watch out, Dr. Phil is coming.

Really its a lot better, since I recovered. Once I went to jail overnight, they timed it so I couldn't call my Mother cuz it was shift change but she came and got me. Who where that license was, really I DID'NT
do anything bad but how would I throw up in front of all those cell mates? Really doughnuts, now that was scary. B girls get it?

Hey this is such a good story and great pictures that I think I'll write a book. I forgot to mention all my teeth fell out from stomach ACID.
What do you tell your Mother when all the food is gone? I didn't live at home when I had this dieorder. Post and let me know, this will be fun and I'll do some more drawings.
Please don't take my pictures as they are copy righted, but I can send them to you for 10$ and stamps.

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